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USA 1997

Director: James Cameron Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet


On 1912-4-12 it was finally time: The world's largest passenger ship at that time started its maiden voyage across the Atlantic in Southampton, England. On board: 17-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) with her wealthy fiancé Cal Hockley (Billy Zane) and her mother Ruth. The penniless artist Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) also travels with the Titanic. While Rose is a first class passenger, Jack (who won the ticket just before the start of the crossing at poker) has to be in third class next to her. Rose is very unhappy because she doesn't love the man she's supposed to marry. On the contrary, she even finds the arrogant, snobbish Cal Hockley repulsive. However, her mother insists on this wedding because Hockley is very wealthy and would save the DeWitt Bukater family from ruin. Rose sees no other way out of her predicament than suicide. However, Jack can turn them away and the two of them get closer. ), the two of them fall in love immortally with each other. Much to Cal's disapproval, who doesn't want to lose his fiancée at any price. On 1912-4-15 the disaster came: The Titanic collided with an iceberg and began to sink. The fight for survival begins for the passengers, as there are not enough lifeboats available. Rose and Jack not only have to fight against the imminent sinking, but also fight against the jealous Cal...


What's there to criticize about "Titanic"? NOTHING! The film is almost perfect. If you search with the magnifying glass, you might find a few minor points of criticism, but these go down like the Titanic. James Cameron has succeeded in creating a cinematic masterpiece with this film, in which everything is just right. A believable, touching love story as well as "catastrophic thrill" is offered. Never before has the sinking of the Titanic been so beautifully decorated with such a beautiful story, nor has it been so well staged. Whoever has a taste for love stories will like Titanic. But the relationship between Rose and Jack with all their difficulties is simply too perfect. The two leading roles could not have been better cast with DiCaprio and Kate Winslet: these two are the future in Hollywood. Technically speaking, too, the film is second to none. For the first time the sinking was realistically depicted (the Titanic broke in two parts...), and this on the highest level. The Special Effects makers (including ILM) did a great job. With the big screen and surround sound, you really think you're on board! James Cameron's Titanic is the perfect synthesis of love story and catastrophe movie. There is also a "pinch" documentary available, as the story of an expedition that is diving to the wreck of the Titanic is told around the actual film. The director (who also wrote the script) would not have thought I could have expected such a brilliant "mixture". Cameron became famous through movies like "Terminator" or "Alien". Despite the 193-minute duration of the film, you will never get bored during the film, and even though the actual sinking does not start until after 100 minutes. This is also due to the great film technique. Cameron avoids boredom by using fantastic camera movements and settings. The social problems (1st and 3rd century BC) are also affected. Class...) is illustrated excellently by very well timed cuts. At the end, all the actors are replayed as in the theatre. If you didn't know you were in a cinema - you would applaud In short: the best film in years! A magnificent masterpiece that should not be missed. The 10 points are easy for Titanic.

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